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Pooja/Puja literally means “WORSHIP”. Pooja is a religious act performed to pray the god or goddess in order to fulfill our wishes as well as to lead calm and peaceful life. The entire Pooja process consists of reading of scriptures, chanting of mantras & shlokas, meditation (dhyana), austerity (tapa), making offerings and finally prostrations (namaskara). All pooja’s help us to get relief from the curse which we have done with or without our knowledge. Through proper and sacred devotion and praying we can achieve moksha (liberation)

To perform any kind of Pooja, we need many articles like ganga water, pooja utensils, turmeric powder, kum kum, akshata, idol, camphor, wicks, etc., R.V. Bhadraiah Stores is one of the oldest Pooja Article suppliers in Bangalore.

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