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Mr. R.V. Bhadraiah, the founder of R.V. Bhadraiah Stores, a premiere pooja items store in Bangalore is always intended to work for social justice by providing various facilities to poor and needy people.

The services performed by our organization :

  1. Free pure drinking water supply at various bus stops across Bangalore city.
  2. Constructed many bus shelters in Bangalore city.
  3. Erected stone benches in public place for relaxation.
  4. Free medicines to poor and needy.
  5. Free study materials to poor students studying in government schools.
  6. Distributing food & cloths to needy poor people by collecting resource from various groups.

Mr. R.B. Basavaraj son of Mr R.V. Bhadraiah is also continuing his father’s social service aspirations and dreams.

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